Sun Rise Letters

Sunday, January 14, 2007

I had an amazing trip around Japan this break. I'm kind of sad to be back in school, actually. Of course, who wouldn't be, after going to some of the most amazing cities in the world. Here are some descriptions of the places we went, the times that were had, and the many, many things we ate.

Kyoto: ancient, beautiful, Eikan Do, Shinkakuji, Kinkakuji, philosopher's road, carp, strange youth hostels, ancient streets with modern souvenirs, peaceful, oh dear God thats a big hill, National Museum, a wonderful ending to the trip.

Osaka: loud, crazy clothes, takoyaki, giant shark, under water spider crabs, fake santa maria, udon, delicious ramen, crepes, very kind parents of a friend, dinner with a bread buffet, world's largest ferris wheel, mountain srhine, tiger, bad luck fortune, mountain train, beautiful lanterns, hanging blowfish, dirty, earrings, spa, public transportation, cute kids,
Japanese TV, futons and tatami, heated carpets

Himeji: sunset, sprint, beautiful, ancient poetry, huge, dark, time to go, no shoes allowed, giant sushi dinner

Kobe: Earthquake memorial, ships with Japanese flags, hills, LL Bean, hills, very western, strange China town, bubble tea, delicious meat sandwiches, "foriegn" houses, old sewers, hills, cable car, herb garden, perfume museum, oh crap- we're going to miss Himeji

Nara: deer, ancient temples, snow, health-wealth-love shrines, deer poop candy, Giant Buddha, Giant Pagoda, met people from Minnesota, deer

Universal Studios Japan: Jaws, back to the future, caramel popcorn, ET, funny hats, dancing in line, disco lights, Happy 2007!

Apologies for the lack of captions: couldn't figure out how to do them. If you are curious though, send me an email!